Hire Expert Systems rather then Experts
Helps keep your business lean with higher profitability and lesser people issues to tackle

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Why do you need this ?

Optimal Systems

Use only the tools required at the startup stage

Get Personalized support

To implement and use these systems in your specific domain

AutoPilot Mode

Work on the growth of your business than in the day-to-day fire fighting

StartupKit includes:

Dashboards | Practical tools for business functions | Step-by-Step guidance|

Expert advice


Tracker: Payment |  Sales

Dashboards: Sales(Excel) |Sales(Google Sheet) | Sales(Google data Studio)  

Failure to create business systems is among the top reasons why startups fail after their first growth spurt

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Which of the following best describes the industry for your startup?

Sales Tracker

To track the sales activity for your organization.

It gives you a snapshot view of

  • Lead Source

  • Product line

  •  Salesperson

  • Sales Funnel

  • Timeline trend for Product & Sales deals


Link to  view the Sales tracker