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"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."- Jack Welch


A sales tracker keeps records and details of all aspects of your sales process. Analyzing these records helps sales managers develop a sustainable strategy that keeps critical Sales KPIs performing. When done right, sales tracking provides clear visibility into your sales process and the insights necessary to convert more prospects into customers – especially when you use a CRM with a visual sales pipeline.

Startupkit – sales tracker

A sales tracker should help you to closely examine what's working, and track where you may need help or improvement. But so many sales teams miss out on these insights because they do not get such deep level insights from the data.

StartupKit—Sales Tracker bridges this gap between data and insights.

Use of this sales tracker data can help you gain a competitive advantage over your competition.


StartupKit—Sales Tracker gives you a snapshot view of

- Lead Sources that are gaining most traction

- Product line that is generating most revenue

- Salesperson who is closing a greater number of deals

- Sales Funnel where most of the deals are stuck

- Timeline trend for Product & Sales deals which months has best traction for which product line

- etc.


Let’s study graphs for “Product Line” in detail to get some insights

Product Line trend

  • July month has maximum deals

  • There are more deals coming from “Licenses”

  • “Product” is not gaining too much traction

Let’s now filter on deal status – “Closed one”

  • Now we interpret that a greater amount of “Consulting” deals are won

  • No deal on “product” has been closed since past 8 months (This seems to be red flag and we should do some root cause analysis here)

Product Line Analysis

  • “License” covers about 45% deals; this means that organization need to allocate more resources on license support projects

  • “Consulting” is in second spot in terms of sales deals

  • “Product” is the 3rd one, Senior executive can analyze if the investment on the “Product” is reaping benefits or can think about deprecating this “Product” if the ROI is low.

We will be covering more insights from Sales tracker in future blogs.

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