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"In sales: A funnel works best when it's full and consistently being filled; hence, the more a funnel is funneling, the more fun it is to funnel" -Ms P Quotes

Sales Tracked -- Deals Won


This week let’s take a closer look at the “Deals-won” in our sales funnel.

How to get this view:

Go to the “Deal Stage” and select value “Closed-Won”

All the graphs and scorecards will change as we change the view. Let us talk about some important observations in this view


Question -Which months did we close deals?
Answer - In Sep and July months
Analysis -- This can be a red flag as deals are not closing consistently every month. It can lead to an imbalance in cash flow at a later point of time

Lead source analysis

Question – which sources are leading to closed deals?
Answer - Email campaigns
Analysis - we should put more emphasis on this source to strengthen our sales pipeline further.

Sales by Month

Question – Which month was most favorable in terms of sales?
Answer - June looks to be a good month.
Analysis - We should analyze the root cause of the surge in June month and try to exploit the circumstances for other months too.

Product Line analysis

Question – Which product line is selling most?
Answer - More deals are closed in “Consulting” followed by “License”.
Analysis - We can share this feedback with the sales team to work more aggressively on the deals related to “Consulting”

Salesperson Analysis

Question – Which salesperson is closing more deals
Answer - John got the maximum number of deals closed.
Analysis - We can ask another salesperson especially Martha to shadow some sales calls done by John, so she can pick a few best practices followed by John in his sales calls.

Deals in each quarter

Question – Are the salespersons performing consistently in every quarter?
Answer – our star performer “John” is struggling in Q3
Analysis - This graph has interesting insight that John did not close any deals in Q3. We can check with him and understand the reasons for our star Salesperson for this lag in Q3

Product Line trend

Question – Any insightful trend for monthly sales for “Product Line”?
Answer - We see there are no sales in “Product” since February.
Analysis - We should check if the issue is with slow marketing or bad customer support or product misfit.

We will be covering more insights from the Sales tracker in future blogs.

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